Mokha Trading Company aims to deliver high quality coffee products, equipment and services to fast growing food & beverage industry in Pakistan. Our goal is to become one of Pakistan’s leading coffee lifestyle brands with a recognition for excellence and commitment to education and transparency.

Established in 2017, Mokha Trading Company has established four main areas of operations:

  • Green Coffee Imports
  • Coffee Roastery
  • Advisory & Training
  • Equipment Distribution

With a humble beginning and a dedicated team, we hope to provide exceptional services to our clients and partners in Pakistan. We are the distributor of several global specialty coffee brands for Pakistan. Our reliability, professionalism and efficient customer service has earned an excellent reputation among hospitality industry professionals.

Our brand Nomad Coffee Studio ( works on specialty coffee roasting, equipment distribution and training & advisory.

Our technical expertise as a team has been developed with help of training and assistance by renowned experts and professionals of specialty coffee industry in United States, Denmark, and Indonesia.